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Mitsubishi Electronic
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Mitsubishi Electronic
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Mitsubishi Electronic
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Mitsubishi Electronic
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Mitsubishi Aircon Promotion

Despite building or room size, Mitsubishi aircon brings flexible and best solutions to fulfill your needs. Mitsubishi aircon is a suitable aircon for your home and commercial needs. All aircon at Mitsubishi are energy-saving, high-performing, and have a long lifespan. Are you in search of aircon? Look upon the Mitsubishi aircon series with the latest technology.

Feature of Mitsubishi Aircon

Here are some of the features of Mitsubishi Aircon that you should know before buying it.

Faster Cooling

Mitsubishi aircon has hot-start technology, which ensures to remove the hot air rapidly and replace it with cool air leading to faster cooling.

Controlled Airflow & Precise Comfort

Air sensors present on every unit continuously monitor room conditions and adjust the temperature accordingly. The 3D i-see sensor scans the room using infrared technology and adjusts temperature based on human heat signatures.

Better Air Quality

It has features of a multi-part filtration system that ensures filtering the air before it reaches your room. It filters any bacteria, virus, or allergens leading to the improved air quality of your room.

Long Airflow

Mitsubishi aircon has a wide-vane mode with which you can adjust the direction of air with ample airflow. The airflow can be extended up to 12m.

Catechin Plus Air Purification

With the innovative technology of Mitsubishi aircon, catechin has been infused in each molecule of pre-filter. The catechin has both antiviral and antioxidant properties along with deodorizing characteristics. This deodorizing property lasts for about ten years. Also, these filters are washable.

Accessible with your Smart Phone

Gone are the days where you require a remote to operate your aircon. Mitsubishi aircon is controllable with a smart phone. You can change the settings wherever you are so you never have to worry about coming home to a hot room again.

Whisper –Quite an Operation

Usually, the aircon produces sounds that cause a disturbance, but Mitsubishi aircon is quitter as a whisper—making it a top priority for many people.

Easy to clean

The filters used on the Mitsubishi aircon are removable and washable, so you won't have to worry about getting your filters changed once they become accumulated with dust or molds.

Why Choose Mitsubishi Aircon?

Mitsubishi is a world-leading company providing aircon with the latest technology for years. Mitsubishi aircon is designed in such a sophisticated manner to have minimum effect on the environment. If you are looking to buy an aircon, look for a Mitsubishi aircon promotion at UPTON aircon.s